Slidinghead Turning

We can produce complex, very small parts with a precise, superb quality finish.

Slidinghead machines specialise in the large scale production of very small components – typically those less than 32mm in diameter. Originally designed to manufacture small, intricate watch parts, slidinghead turning machines’ capabilities were soon put to use making a variety of other components for the industrial market.

Slidinghead turning machines offer a range of functionality, including several axes, front end and back end machining, turning tools, rotary tools and drilling tools. We utilise this combination of manufacturing capabilities to produce high volume, complex parts.

We currently have 10 Citizen slidinghead turning lathes, offering up to 13 controllable axes of movement. Our £1.8 million investment in Citizen M32/A32 sliding head lathes, combined with over 16 CNC lathes, enables us to offer an enormous amount of subcontract turning capability.

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