Outsourcing Your CNC Turning Operations? Check-Out These Advantages

October 6, 2014

Advantages of Outsourcing Your CNC Turning Operations


Most large manufacturing firms know the importance of CNC turning machines in the production process. This process is well-understood by business owners alike, thus a lot of them are purchasing their own turning machines to help increase their productivity and reduce wastage—by efficiently using the raw materials, as well as the manpower which will translate into a higher profit. Alternatively, you could outsource your milling operations to one of the many companies that offer these services. For those who choose the latter, these are the advantages of outsourcing your milling operations.

There is no need to buy and maintain the CNC turning machines

CNC turning machines are expensive and delicate, with a maintenance process that is tedious and costly as well. If you are running a small business, purchasing a turning machine will not be as cost-effective as you would think—especially when your daily production quota is low. You might end up spending more, compared with outsourcing the milling operation to another company. By outsourcing your CNC turning operation, there will be no need to worry about the training of its operator, the maintenance of the machine, the designing of the product into a CAD and the resources required to run the machine. The CNC turning company will all have these services ready—the machines, the manpower and the resources. Communicate with them, share your plans and ideas and they will handle the rest.

They can handle any CAD design

We know that in order for the turning machines to operate, they require a detailed plan or drawing called the “CAD”. However, there is no universal CAD program for companies to generate their drawings. Companies will opt to use a CAD program that is the most cost-effective for them or worse, they might outsource the generation of drawings to a different company—which is again, more costly. There is no need to go that far, as the CNC turning company can also do the CAD design for you.  All you need to do is provide them with the appropriate details and let them do their job.

There are other services as well

Some companies also offer corrosion protection, wear resistant, spraying and the like services. Make sure that you avail these services as well, since the more service you buy into, the higher the discount will be. CNC turning companies, such as HPC Services Ltd., offer a stock holding and despatch service as well. Their despatch service will ensure that products are handled with the utmost care, while orders will be delivered on time and straight into the client’s firm. Plus, their delivery fees are reasonably priced. Additionally, their stock holding service allows for the safe storage of goods, having them ready to be delivered as per the client’s request.


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