The Importance of Coolants in CNC Turning Machines

March 6, 2015


CNC turning machine service providers use top-of-the-line machines for higher volume production. One of the reasons why high-end CNC turning machines are able to perform so well is the exceptional coolant system that is in action throughout the cutting process. Here are some of the reasons why coolants are essential to the CNC turning process:


Most work pieces that are being cut in CNC turning machines are sticky, which makes it hard for the cutting tool to do its job. The coolant helps lessen the generation of heat throughout the cutting process. Less heat allows for easier cutting.


The temperature of the cutting tool dictates its lifespan. Heat is generated as the cutting tool cuts into the work piece. This is considered a good thing because it softens the material, making it easier to cut. However, too much heat could potentially melt the tool which could lead to a substandard batch of components. The frequent changing of cutting tools is also costly.

Chip Clearing

One thing that cannot be avoided in the CNC turning process is the excess from the work pieces or the chips. Since the nature of the turning process is cutting, it is expected that the work piece will accumulate chips from the parts that are cut. The pile of chips could be damaging to the cutting tool. Chip piling could also cause built up edges for cutting tools, especially if the work piece design requires the cutting tool to cut through the same spot several times.


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