3 Beneficial Sliding Head Machine Factors

June 5, 2015


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HPC Services Ltd specialises in using sliding head turning machines. These machines are perfect for large scale production of micro components. They were originally designed to fabricate watch parts. Later on, sling head turning machines were improved and now they can produce a wide variety of premium parts.

Here are 3 facts about sliding head machines that can be beneficial to your company.

1. Sliding head machines are accurate.

Sliding head machines are capable of turning very small components, specifically less than 32 mm in size. The material will be pushed inside the sliding head machine where a guide bush will help to cut it precisely. Sliding head machines have their own drilling and turning tools which are used to cut and furnish edges at the maximum level. These tolls work simultaneously.

Sliding head machines are composed of the following tools:

  • Coroturn XS adapter with flats
    Coroturn XS adapter with flats
  • Easyfix for cylindrical bars
    Easyfix for cylindrical bars

Other components of the sliding head machine include:

  • 7mm max bar size models and 32mm bar multi axis
  • NC and intelligent servo for high speed machining
  • Graphical user interface and remote diagnostics


2. Sliding head machines are cost-effective.

These machines can help to reduce overheads. A sliding head machine is programmed to work by itself with minimal supervision. Also, the parts of a sliding machine are not as costly as the parts of other turning machines.

3. Sliding head machines are time-efficient.

Using sliding head machines can save you a lot of time since they work continuously. They can help you to meet deadlines, without sacrificing the quantity and quality of work. Sliding head machines are easy to program and operate which also saves time for mass production.


HPC Services Ltd provides high quality turning services for complex components. For more information about our sliding head turning services, please call 0115 9323773.