How Manufacturing Businesses Benefit from CNC Turning Machines

December 4, 2014

The UK’s manufacturing industry is constantly growing. Strong market competition leads manufacturers to opt for solutions that can help their business in all aspects. The use of CNC Turning Machines can help your manufacturing business in different ways:

  • It can help you produce complex components with accuracy

Since the CNC Turning machines are controlled by a computer, the design of the components is manufactured with precision. Even the complex designs of parts can be perfectly produced through a CNC Turning Machine. A CNC Turning machine has lathes that can cut many components, with the exact design for every piece.


  • It can speed up the production of components

CNC Turning machines are not just for accuracy. They can also improve the production speed of  components. The speed of the manufacturing process in a manual production is really limited, since human labour and ability is also limited. CNC Turning Machines allow manufacturers to produce more parts per hour, in a one-hit operation, over the usual manual production methods.


  • It can trim down the costs and boost your profits

In every manufacturing business, one of the most important things is to reduce the cost of production to increase profits. The amount of money that is being wasted every year, due to human error, is one of the factors that will decrease  profits. Using CNC Turning Machines can guarantee accurately cut and manufactured outputs. The cost of the waste in production will drop drastically, resulting in increased profits.


Outsourcing your work to engineering companies that provide CNC Turning services can also cut your production costs. Hemlock manufactures components with CNC Turning Machines,  providing cutters that can be directed in numerous positions. Our CNC Turning machines are supervised by our Precision Engineering Team, consisting of knowledgeable and skilled professionals who are committed to providing high quality components.